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hs-Tumbler has been honored with the Stern Innovation Award

hs-Tumbler has been honored with the Stern Innovation Award as "Germany's Most Innovative SME"!

The Stern Innovation Award, also known as the German Innovation Award, recognizes outstanding innovations and innovative companies from Germany. This prestigious award is presented by the German Association for Consumer Studies (DtGV) in collaboration with Stern magazine, specifically targeting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Germany.

Based on worldwide patent grants, hs-tumbler ranks among the top group of German SMEs. With an impressive rank of 242 out of approximately 3 million companies, our research and development efforts in the field of trajectory mixing have been recognized, solidifying our position as a leading innovator in Germany.
"This award fills us with pride and provides us with renewed drive for further excellence with our developments in trajectory mixing across market segments such as food, ceramics/refractories/minerals, energy solutions, and pharma/cosmetics," commented inventor and CEO Bernhard Hukelmann.

Patents are a testament to innovation and thus the best gauge of inventiveness. To identify Germany's most innovative companies, Stern, in collaboration with the German Association for Consumer Studies (DtGV), specifically examined the patent performance of German SMEs. This analysis evaluated worldwide patent grants from October 1, 2022, to December 31, 2023.