Trajectory Mixer hs-tumbler

Innovation in Motion!

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Trajectory Mixer hs-tumbler

Innovation in Motion!

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Trajectory Mixer hs-tumbler

Innovation in Motion!

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Processing without agitator in a closed process container

"An agitator only ever reaches a small part of the process mass in one revolution - the trajectory mixer always reaches 100%!"

With our trajectory mixer, you can use programmable path curves and introduce shear forces via the inertia of the mass. In this way, the masses process themselves in the process container - without any stirring tools. This brings enormous advantages for many process goods - as a specialist, you already know this!

We have integrated this innovative process into commercial reality. It is suitable both on a small scale, for example for craft businesses, and on a large scale for industrial companies. The future demands: More flexibility. More innovation. More productivity. More efficiency. More simplicity. More intact environment. We can do that!

Our trajectory mixer enables (batch) continuous production. The industrially manufactured individual products in batch size 1 have become a reality. 

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Arthur C. Clarke


Trajectory mixing means that material mixes with itself without shear forces by programmed turbulence on fast curves.

Trajectory mixing a general overview


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