A small idea at the DIL Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e. V. slowly grew into a prototype of a machine for marinating and flattening meat. The patent was continued privately by the inventor Bernhard Hukelmann, developed further and supplemented by additional patents. The first precursor to a series machine was created as part of a ZIM project.

The results of the trials with potential customers were very encouraging, so that two investors founded hs-tumbler GmbH together with Mr. Hukelmann in May 2021. Since then, the company has made huge strides and the first series production systems were completed in August 2022. The aim is to steadily establish the company on the market.

The K1 -KW machine will be offered through a sales network and the future J4 industrial system, which is currently under development, will be offered through system integrators who will also carry out the installation. Further licensees will be added who want to use the technology for their industry and application and want to start production themselves. Trajectory mixing will cover the entire range of mixing applications and hs-tumbler GmbH will lead this process. We look forward to exciting stories and successes.     


Networks are an integral part of the organization, especially in the ever-growing online world and in virtual forms of organization. This allows for quick and dynamic adjustment to the market and stable growth. 

Sales and production are being strategically expanded globally in the main markets, alongside service and support. To this end, many partners are involved and integrated into the technology platform of trajectory mixing. The year 2025 will thus be dedicated to the expansion of the hs-Tumbler network.



Due to the customer assignments initiated in 2022, the demand will increase extremely and 2023 will be the year of market growth. In 2023, many machines will also have found their way into foreign markets and to foreign customers. The organization and the company will grow with them and position themselves globally. 2024 will be the year of globalization.

The first series products will be delivered to strategic customers and tested in use as early as 2022. If the advantages of this disruptive technology prove themselves to customers in everyday use, a huge volume of orders can be expected in 2023, as the use cases can be duplicated in large numbers by customers.



The founding of hs-tumbler GmbH in 2021, based in Quakenbrück, is the year of series product development. . 

The founding of hs-tumbler GmbH in 2021, based in Quakenbrück, is the year of series product development. . 

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