hs-tumbler convinces at VR medium-sized business award

hs-tumbler GmbH from Quakenbrück is one of this year's winners of the VR-Mittelstandspreis Weser-Ems. The young company has developed an innovative mixing technique that has been patented and actively marketed since 2021. Quakenbrück. The jury was convinced by the fact that the machines from hs-tumbler can be used in a variety of ways in industry and trade, from chemical and food production to wholesale bakery. Traditional techniques use motor-driven agitators. This requires a lot of energy and increasingly large process vessels. The Quakenbrueck system, on the other hand, gets by without agitators. Mixing takes place through the special movement of the vessel itself. "The process saves time, energy and raw materials," says managing director and owner Bernhard Hukelmann. In addition, he says, it allows for scho-ning processing.
  "The growth potential of the still young company is enormous" Thomas Ahaus, AGVR The award, which comes with a total of 15,000 euros in prize money, is presented every two years by the cooperative banking group together with the chambers of commerce and industry and the chambers of trade and commerce in Weser-Ems. Other prize winners in 2022 were the seating furniture manufacturer Hans Gehlenborg from Lindern and the company Tiny House wohnträume from Leer.

With the award ceremony also the winners of 2020 were present, which had been honored corona-conditionally so far only virtually: M. Neemann OHG from Leer, C.E. Schneckenflügel GmbH from Edewecht and Pötter-Klima Gesellschaft für Lüftungs- und Klimatechnik GmbH from Georgsmarienhütte. (pr/kae)