Use Case:research
Product Name:K1
Dimensions:ca. 1,10 m x 1,10 m
Throughput:up to 420 kg / hour
Container:1 manual container
Capacity:4 l gross
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Create sustainable process solutions with our breakthrough technology

The K1 Research trajectory mixer is a stirrerless mixing and kneading system with a mono vessel. This device is used for research, testing and development of processes in the process industry. The machine enables the conditioning of process material. The process time with the hs tumbler is often several times shorter than with conventional processes. Due to the unique process control, not only an immense increase in speed is achieved, but also a simultaneous increase in quality.

The customer is thus enabled, for example, to marinate meat products in just a few seconds and make them available to the end consumer directly, in accordance with his requirements, for consumption or takeaway. Of course, the question arises as to whether the old stirrer should be replaced, since it will certainly last for a few more years. The same is true of many "proven" technologies in process engineering. If you replace the stirrer with a hs-tumbler, you need up to a factor of 30 less in time, less cleaning effort and less energy. Anyone interested in the fast process should contact us.