Use Case:Industry
Product Name:J4
Dimensions:ca. 2 m x 2 m
Throughput:In dep. of product average 7200 kg/hour
Container:4 tanks driven simultaneously
Capacity:per container 17 l gross

Our core device for the industry

The J4 is our product variant for industry. With four process vessels arranged in pairs, we use the principle of counter-rotating accelerations and work extremely energy-efficiently in that the vibrations of the individual process vessels cancel each other out. The automated process vessels, each of which has an automatic opening and closing mechanism at the top and bottom, allow very fast product changes and make a quasi-continuous batch process possible for the first time without manual intervention. Our process speed allows us to achieve very high throughput. 
Example: 4 x 15 kg per batch, 20 s process time, 10 s for product change, 120 kg per minute, total: 7200 kg/hour. In addition, the extremely small product-contacting surface of the process vessels makes cleaning easy and efficient. Fast set-up times are ensured by the exchangeable process vessels.